Dr. R. Preston Gelhart

Expert Witness on Education and School Safety



                                           24403 Ramada Ct. Laguna Niguel, CA. 92677    
                             Professional Fees Schedule
Retainer                                                                                               $4,000.00


Regular hourly fee                                                                                    300.00

Authoritative Presence at Mediation                                                  Negotiable


Travel time per hour                                                                                 100.00


Deposition hourly fee (2hr. minimum, in advance)                                  550.00

Reading my Deposition (payable when deposition presented)             5 cents a page

Participation in Jury Selection                                                               1,000.00  


Court appearance (per day, paid in advance)                                         2,500.00




         Personal auto                                                                                 .95 @ mile


         Air Fare, taxi and ground transportation                                      Actual cost


Hotel and meals                                                                                     Actual cost


Communication (phone, FAX, etc.)                                                      Actual cost


Incidentals and per diem                                                                       Actual cost




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